Gerne weisen wir auf folgende Veranstaltung unseres Kuratoriumsmitglieds Dr. Maria-Katharina Lang anlässlich der Langen Nacht der Forschung im Weltmuseum Wien hin:

Research in the Mongolian Steppe. Cooperation Projects with the Weltmuseum Wien

(Lecture in English)

In this presentation Maria-Katharina Lang & Tsetsentsolmon Baatarnaran (both Institute for Social Anthropology, Austrian Academy of Sciences) will give an overview on past and current research projects in Mongolia. The projects take objects from the collections of the Weltmuseum Wien as starting points and as links to show entangled histories. Artefacts are also fragments of dispersed and connected (life) histories along the old and new steppe and silk roads.

am Freitag, 13. April 2018
um 18.30 und um 20 Uhr Uhr
im WMV Forum, Weltmuseum Wien, I., Heldenplatz